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2 weeks = 14 days! Apr 29

At this very moment in 2 weeks M and I will be married!  WOO HOO!  I still cannot believe how quickly the time is passing.

Today is also special for another reason, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married this morning (if you live in the US anyway).  I haven’t watched the actual ceremony yet since it came on at 6 o’clock this morning but I did manage to get to work in time to see the “kiss”.  Not super impressive but very sweet.  I can’t imagine kissing my new husband or wife in front of all those people, all waiting to see a kiss.

I wouldn’t bring up the royal wedding but I feel like it has made me even more excited.  Being able to see a wedding right before my wedding kind of makes it hit home, like WOW this is happening, soon!  But it also makes me excited for all of the hubbub if you will.

With 2 weeks left I can pretty confidently say I am DONE!  That’s right, short of printing out the note for the guest book I am done.  All of my projects are complete, everything has been printed out (with the exception above) or written out or tied or glued.  And I just remembered we still need to figure out our tables but that too is a pretty quick fix and half way complete.

Home stretch here we come!


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I need MUSIC! Apr 26

I knew this would happen but now I’ve become obsessed with music.  M and I realized last week that it would cost entirely too much to have his brother P play for our ceremony.  Due to amp rentals or airline fees, it added up to a large chuck of change for a few minutes worth of music.  And while we’d really love for him to play it seems silly to spend that much money.  We asked P if he could record the songs we wanted him to play but he didn’t have the right equipment.  BOOO!  So now I am in the process of trying to figure out what songs to play before I walk down the aisle.

When we originally asked him to play I only gave him one song, the one I would walk down to.  I told him to just “throw” something together.  Now that this has changed I have got to find some filler music.  I have no idea what I’m even looking for.  I know I don’t want anything traditional but now that leaves my searching for something that will “fit” our wedding, download them and burn them to a CD.

I’m hoping something will hit me soon.  But until then I now have something else to do. 😉


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Am I done? Apr 25

Over the weekend I finished up the last of my wedding related items….mostly.  We still need to figure out our tables but I have everyone on a card and just need to fill in the table number.  And I need to print out the guestbook instructions.  AND, I finally had the menus printed.  They turned out pretty well, considering people will just the throw them away.  But they will add a little color to the table and I like that.

I still can’t believe the wedding is getting so close.  18 more days.  And even less time till we leave.  EEEKKK!

Now that most, or I should say all, of my DIY projects are done I’ve become obsessed with making sure my teeth are sparkely and white.  I bought some white strips this afternoon and I can’t wait to make my smile dazzling.  I’ve even decided to cut out my morning tea 🙁 and my cherry coke zero.  Double 🙁  But it will be worth it.


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Wedding dreams Apr 14

For the past week or so every night I’ve ended up having some dream that is wedding related.  One night I was attending another knottie’s wedding.  A couple of nights ago there was a knottie get together and we were all there in our wedding dresses.  Last night, well last night I know there was something wedding related but for the lift of me I can’t remember.  That’s pretty uncommon since I normally always remember my dreams.

I feel like I have tons of dreams each night some more random then others.  Like the other night after the get together I was in an office but people were flying planes and Charlie Sheen was flying one.  I never really saw him but it was mentioned that he was flying and he was all over the place.  Not really such a shocker.  Or last night, the non wedding dream was about me going on a cruise but I had no ID.  Somehow I was let on the ship but I was trying to avoid staff so they wouldn’t see I didn’t have identification.  My dreams are super weird most of the time.  I just wish I could remember the wedding related dream from last night.  Oh well.


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1 month people, ONE MONTH! Apr 13

You all should have seen this coming.  Somehow I did not see this coming, at least until I got to work and went to update my countdown on the wall.  That’s right, 1 month!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!   In exactly 1 month M and I will be married.  YAY!

So I emailed our wedding coordinator on Monday, yes Monday, to see if I could get a copy of wedding ceremony.  But apparently this is like asking for some random act of Congress because “Sandals has this down to a science” and “it’s a month out and girls start to get all bridezillay.”  GRRRRRRRRRR!  Yes both of these were said to me during one conversations TODAY.  As I sat there holding my “bridezilla” tongue I wanted to scream at someone and ask how damn hard it is to get a ceremony copy.  I mean come on, I CANNOT be the first person in the history of “down to a science” to ask for this.  To make matters worse right after I have this conversation I see on my wedding board that another bride received her, wait for it………..CEREMONY copy today!!!!!!

I seriously don’t see why this is such a hard thing to get a copy of.  Or answers about it to be honest.

And I guess this soon-to-be bridezilla will continue to wait a few more days and then you will be able to remove the “soon to be” because heads are going to ROLL!  Roll I tell you!!!!


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The DIY continues Apr 11

Over the weekend I knocked a few more thing off my DIY list.  One being a cute “E” key chain.  I bought some supplies last week and last night I finally sat down to make it.  It only took about 30 mins and BAM!  New key chain, that I use in 32 days.  Or longer since I won’t be able to use it till we get back.  But anyhoo I think it’s quite cute.

I also finished our guest book last night.  I think this will be a very cute idea and should be more personal then the traditional “K and M were here, congrats!” post.  We will ask our guests to provide well wishes or advice and then we will add pics from the trip later.  No pics for this one 😉


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Bachelorette Weekend Mar 28

This weekend was my bachelorette party in Wilmington.  I am lucky to have some great friends that were able to come and spend the weekend helping me celebrate.  Friday afternoon I picked Kris up from the airport and we grabbed Michelle and headed to Wilmington, everyone else would come down on Saturday.

Once we got to the hotel and finally got the car parked we headed out for dinner.  We went to Front Street Brewery to grab some dinner and drinks.  After that we headed out to find a bar.  We stopped at some martini bar with an odd crowd, had a drink and headed back to the hotel.

About 3:30 in the morning we were all awaken to a really loud “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH” (read really high pitched shrill voice) and laughing from the room next door.  This continued for a while and then there was a lot of baning.  Like bags hitting the floor.  We were all more then annoyed and finally we decided to call the front desk.  The loudness stopped after that.  Finally!

Saturday we got up and decided to walk around town until the others arrived.  We did some shopping, met up with Lisa and Tracey and had lunch.  More shopping and walking until Elizabeth arrived.  Then Kris and I decided we needed a nap.  We laid down and not 10 minutes later the obnoxious neighbor started up again. Ughh!  It was about time to start getting ready for dinner anyway but man it was annoying to not even be able to just take a 15 minute nap.

That night we went to Elijah’s for dinner.  Thankfully Lisa had offered to drive to dinner because while we were eating  it began to pour.  Our waitress was great and gave us the number of a guy with a golf cart service who could drive us around later.  We took full advantage of “cartman” and had him drive us all downtown.

The first bar we walked in, we looked around and walked out.  It wasn’t really our crowd so we headed to the bar across the street with cool music playing.  It was a Pirate bar, arrrggghhh!  HAHA!  We at least had a drink here but the crowd was pretty sketch and some random guy decided he could pat me on the ass.  I promptly moved around the bar.  🙂

Next up we went to Reel.  It was cool brick building with good music.  We walked upstairs and it looked like we had just walked in on the prom after party.  A bartender told us it was a UNCW event but I think it was prom.  No pics to prove it. 😉  We stayed here for a few drinks before heading back to the room.  We all stayed up for a while chatting.

I fully expected to be woken up again in the middle of the night by the loud neighbor but either we all drank enough to not hear her or she got arrested and never made it back.  Not sure which one is true but I feel confident it could have been the latter. 😉

Sunday we all headed back to Raleigh. I was really glad to get home and see M and the kiddos.  Thankfully I wasn’t too tired from the weekend, though I may have squeezed in a little nap.

And now it’s Monday and I’m already over this week.


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Done in a flash! Mar 24

Well this is probably my last post for the week.  I’ve done a stellar job thus far.  I know I forgot yesterday.  Anyway, I ran to Target tonight and picked up a few more items that could be wedding related.  Just some card stock and flower stickers.

I’ve been thinking about making bride and groom signs to hang from our chairs at the reception.  Originally I wanted to do wooden signs but M wasn’t really feeling that idea and I’m not very good at painting letters/words on wood.  Next best option, paper.  So as I was sitting here pondering whether or not I should do bride/groom or mr/mrs, I hit up the knot to see what my fellow knotties thought.  One girl suggested bride and groom since we only get those titles for one day but we will be mr and mrs for life.  I like her thinking!

And as luck would have it I bought an extra piece of gray card stock at Michaels.  Viola, signs are made.  Just like that.  M didn’t even know what happened.  hehe.

Now I feel like I want to print out our table numbers and menus but tonight really isn’t the night to try and finish all of this.  The printer seems to print a little pinker on the card stock.  I was worried because my “mock up” menus seemed to be a little more red.  Anyway, I might test out the menu once more before I take it somewhere.  But I think the table numbers, all 4 of them, will be fine to be printed at home.

Now for a pic.

This weekend is my bachelorette party weekend.  A couple of the girls and myself are going to Wilmington.  It should be a fun time.  A good friend from Texas is flying in tomorrow afternoon.  YAY!  I haven’t seen her in a while so it will be nice to catch up.


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Check, Done, Nope! Mar 21

I feel like I spent the majority of my weekend working on wedding stuff.  And luckily I feel like I got a good bit done.  Here is my list:

  • Cake topper – DONE!  Hell yeah it is finally finished.
  • Wedding fragrance – Check.  I found so awesome body spray at Target.
  • Table numbers – Almost done.  I bought frames and I got more card stock (and still not enough) at Michael’s today.  I just need to get the numbers printed.
  • Menus – Done, minus printing and card stock.
  • Place Cards – bought.  I found some cute little stickers to add as well.  This “should” identify beef or fish. 😉
  • Gift bags for our OOT favors -Check.
  • Cute decal for my day of tank – Check.  Now I need to buy a tank.

I think that is everything for today.  And I think that is a pretty good list considering I didn’t really think I had much left.  Just the small stuff. 😉

Well, I wasn’t going to write about my ring tonight but since tomorrow is my birthday I may not blog.  So here’s the story.  I called after lunch since my ring was supposed to be in today.  The girl said it was here and would be ready for pick up this afternoon.  I met M at the store after work and waited to see if it was finally right.  The girl brings out a box and inside are both rings.  Ahhhhhh, it is the RIGHT ring.  It is really pretty YAY!  It is also in fact, TOO BIG!  Like a little more then half a size too big.  *hand slap to forehead*

So after nearly 4 months and one wrong ring, it’s still not right.  In fact is was ordered too big.  Who knows how.  And apparently my engagement ring is actually a little smaller then I originally thought.  I am positive I had Jared make it a 3 1/2.  It is a large 3 3/8.  They now have to send it BACK to Charlotte to have it sized with a laser.  I still can’t believe how many issues we’ve had.

On a positive note, M’s ring is right, engraved and sitting in his drawer beside the bed.  And my ring should be back the first week of April.  I’m scared if anything else goes wrong someone will cry.  At the store.  And it will not be M or me.  😉  Maybe one day I will get this damn ring.

With that here is a pic of my beautifully awesomely sparkly cake topper.

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No table name for you! Mar 16

I emailed the wedding coordinator today to figure out when we needed to have our meal selections in for the reception.  I was also curious as to what I needed to do for place cards since one would assume there will be/should be assigned seating for our guests.  I had planned to pick up a couple of cute picture frames to use as table numbers and then include a menu on each plate.  Well, according to the coordinator, I will be charged a “set up” fee for this.  WTF?!?!?  A set up fee, mind you, that would be like 5 times the cost of the actual articles I want to use.  She also tells me they offer a “package” for this for x amount for 4 people.  (Each table seats 8.)  I figure up the amount for our guest count and it currently equals the “set up” fee.

Now if the set up fee is just that and not for each table I might consider this.  Granted it’s basically throwing money away but I feel it would add a nice touch to each table.  If the set up fee is per table, she is outta her DAMN mind! I’ll have to wait for her email tomorrow which will also tell me what happens if I choose to not do place cards at all.  And I might just NOT do them.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I guess this is how the money is made.  In the grand scheme of things I know this is not a big deal and not worrying about the details is one thing M and I liked about this option.  But really, I just want a couple of cute frames and some menus!  *stomps feet*  Is it too much to ask!


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