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Last Post! May 21

My new site is officially up and running now.  Check out the new Married blog at


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Could it be? New things are coming… May 06

One week from right this very minute I will be married.  I still cannot believe the time has flown by so quickly.  Since next week will be super crazy with us trying to get ready to leave this will be my last post before the wedding.  It will also be my last post as kandm.section30.

That’s right people I am getting a real blog domain.  No more section 30.  I figured since I have been such a good blogger for over a year now that it seemed like the right time to move the blog.  I will be married, have a new name and a new and improved (?) blog!  HAHA!  Unfortunately I can’t really promise it will be improved though. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great two weeks.  I will be back to the blog on the 23rd.  You can find me at  Cute new name huh?  🙂

I think the old address will work for a while, at least that’s what M told me.

See you on the flip side!


*ps – the new blog is not actually up and running yet, M will have to move everything over.  It will be up when we return.

*pss – i just noticed when i went to add the above but this is also my 250th blog post. whoop whoop!

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I’m sharing…. May 05

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

As I said yesterday we have had spirit week at work this week and I am not a hula hoop champ.  However there may be a little video of me hula hooping. 😀

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I’m not a hula hoop champ May 04

This week at work we have had different “events” for employees to participate in.  Monday was dizzy putt.  You know you put your head on a golf club, spin for 15 secs and try to putt.  Yesterday was the 3 point shoot out and today was hula hoop.  I felt pretty confident in my hula hooping abilities so I signed up.  At first I had been put in one group (an eh group) but due to rain the event was moved to the front lobby.  I ended up in another group (the best group).

The rules were you had to hula hoop until only one person was left.  At 5 minutes if more then one person was still hooping you would add another hula hoop.  About half way in they decided to make it the 3 minute mark to add another hula hoop.  Around the 2:30 mark my hula hoop got a little of course.  I was able to speed up and “hip bump” it back in to place a few times.  But then, just about the 2:50 mark I lost it! GRRRR!  Damn hula hoop hula’ed the wrong way and fell. 🙁  I was literally this close to being in a hoop off.

Oh well I guess that’s how the hoop falls.  But apparently I put on a pretty good show.  I think I got more congrats then the girl that actually won.  A couple of people told me I made hula hooping look “effortless.”  YAY!  🙂 So that’s how my day went.

9 more days!  7 till we leave!  Whoop Whoop!


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10 May 03

days left till our wedding.

I am pretty sure my blog is going to go down hill rather fast this week and turn into a countdown.  My apologies.


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Good news! May 02

It was a busy weekend.  Not that M and I were really busy but life in general was.  There was a royal wedding (which has been discussed), M FINALLY got his job offer!  And there is one less terrorist in the world.  See lots going on.

First we will start with M’s new job.  I am very excited about this.  I’m not sure I’ve talked about the increasingly poor state of his current company but things are going down hill.  I really was waiting for the day he would tell me they were closing their doors.  Thankfully now I won’t have worry about this any longer.  Unfortunately the new place took longer then expected to get all of the paperwork drawn up so he won’t be able to start the week after the wedding.  He will start the last week of May.  I know he is a little nervous about starting a new job, but I also know he will do great.  I am very excited and proud.

I’m not sure what to think when I hear breaking news first on FB.  Last night we were laying in bed watching TV when I grabbed my phone and for my “last check of the night.”  That’s when I saw about 5 statuses all stating Bin Laden had been killed.  M immediately turned on the news and we waited for Obama to confirm the reports we were hearing.  Sure enough American operatives located him at a mansion in Pakistan and killed him.

I think it’s great that a person this bad is no longer here to hurt more people but at the same time I don’t feel I am excited.  Grateful the hunt is over, thankful people will no longer fear this guy but not excited, not happy.  Cautiously optimistic might be a good phrase.  I think I might feel differently had he been caught/killed years ago.  It’s been almost 10 years since 9/11.  I hope the latest news will help victims/survivors of 9/11 sleep a little easier and that would make me happy.

* It hardly seems the post but I am officially getting married NEXT WEEK!


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