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I’m not a hula hoop champ May 04

This week at work we have had different “events” for employees to participate in.  Monday was dizzy putt.  You know you put your head on a golf club, spin for 15 secs and try to putt.  Yesterday was the 3 point shoot out and today was hula hoop.  I felt pretty confident in my hula hooping abilities so I signed up.  At first I had been put in one group (an eh group) but due to rain the event was moved to the front lobby.  I ended up in another group (the best group).

The rules were you had to hula hoop until only one person was left.  At 5 minutes if more then one person was still hooping you would add another hula hoop.  About half way in they decided to make it the 3 minute mark to add another hula hoop.  Around the 2:30 mark my hula hoop got a little of course.  I was able to speed up and “hip bump” it back in to place a few times.  But then, just about the 2:50 mark I lost it! GRRRR!  Damn hula hoop hula’ed the wrong way and fell. 🙁  I was literally this close to being in a hoop off.

Oh well I guess that’s how the hoop falls.  But apparently I put on a pretty good show.  I think I got more congrats then the girl that actually won.  A couple of people told me I made hula hooping look “effortless.”  YAY!  🙂 So that’s how my day went.

9 more days!  7 till we leave!  Whoop Whoop!


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