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I need MUSIC! Apr 26

I knew this would happen but now I’ve become obsessed with music.  M and I realized last week that it would cost entirely too much to have his brother P play for our ceremony.  Due to amp rentals or airline fees, it added up to a large chuck of change for a few minutes worth of music.  And while we’d really love for him to play it seems silly to spend that much money.  We asked P if he could record the songs we wanted him to play but he didn’t have the right equipment.  BOOO!  So now I am in the process of trying to figure out what songs to play before I walk down the aisle.

When we originally asked him to play I only gave him one song, the one I would walk down to.  I told him to just “throw” something together.  Now that this has changed I have got to find some filler music.  I have no idea what I’m even looking for.  I know I don’t want anything traditional but now that leaves my searching for something that will “fit” our wedding, download them and burn them to a CD.

I’m hoping something will hit me soon.  But until then I now have something else to do. 😉


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