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Am I done? Apr 25

Over the weekend I finished up the last of my wedding related items….mostly.  We still need to figure out our tables but I have everyone on a card and just need to fill in the table number.  And I need to print out the guestbook instructions.  AND, I finally had the menus printed.  They turned out pretty well, considering people will just the throw them away.  But they will add a little color to the table and I like that.

I still can’t believe the wedding is getting so close.  18 more days.  And even less time till we leave.  EEEKKK!

Now that most, or I should say all, of my DIY projects are done I’ve become obsessed with making sure my teeth are sparkely and white.  I bought some white strips this afternoon and I can’t wait to make my smile dazzling.  I’ve even decided to cut out my morning tea 🙁 and my cherry coke zero.  Double 🙁  But it will be worth it.


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