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Am I done? Apr 25

Over the weekend I finished up the last of my wedding related items….mostly.  We still need to figure out our tables but I have everyone on a card and just need to fill in the table number.  And I need to print out the guestbook instructions.  AND, I finally had the menus printed.  They turned out pretty well, considering people will just the throw them away.  But they will add a little color to the table and I like that.

I still can’t believe the wedding is getting so close.  18 more days.  And even less time till we leave.  EEEKKK!

Now that most, or I should say all, of my DIY projects are done I’ve become obsessed with making sure my teeth are sparkely and white.  I bought some white strips this afternoon and I can’t wait to make my smile dazzling.  I’ve even decided to cut out my morning tea 🙁 and my cherry coke zero.  Double 🙁  But it will be worth it.


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Boring topped with a little sweet Apr 22

I had a great time with the Knotties last night.  It was fun to get together and talk all things wedding, eat sushi, and drink wine.  We will have to do it again soon.

Today was uber boring at work.  No one was there and there was literally NO work to be done.  They finally said we could leave at 3:15 as long as all the work was done.  You can bet I was all over that.  Once I got home M and I decided to take a nap.  It’s a rainy, dreary, cool day so a nap was perfect.  🙂

And finally 3 weeks from today it will be official.  Apparently someone was feeling sweet and gooey because he posted on his FB page, Three weeks till she’s mine.  Awww, such a sweet gesture.  M is normally the “funny” guy so being super sweet and gooey caught me a little off guard and truly warmed my heart.  Awwww!


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Knottie date Apr 21

The future in laws were in town last night so no blog.  They took M and I to a nice dinner at Midtown Grill in North Hills.  Everything we got was delicious.  This is definitely a place M and I will return to.

Tonight I have a Knottie get together with the girls in town.  There are 2 new girls that will join us tonight.  I am excited to see my knottie friends I met a few months ago and meet the new ones.  It’s always fun to meet new people.  And we are going to get sushi, yummy!  I never get sushi unless I go with my co-workers or the girls want to go.  M isn’t a fan and doesn’t do well with shellfish so….

Tomorrow is Friday!  YAY!  The week is almost over.


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Don’t anger the bride! Apr 19

With 24 days left till the wedding I feel like things are moving along quite nicely.  Just a few more small details and I feel like I will be DONE with wedding planning.  I might actually be a little sad about this.  I mean I like all the DIY projects I’ve come across.  What ever will I do?  Eh, I’m sure I’ll find something because this is not actually what I am going to blog about today. 😉

My point above, which never formed was this, with 24 days left you really shouldn’t have much more then small things left to do.  However, it seems several of my knottie friends are still having “guest” issues.  From people who want to bring their teenaged kids, to groomsmen without flights or pants.  Yes there are groomsmen, in weddings in the next month without plane tickets OR pants.  Some still haven’t finalized if boyfriends/girlfriends are coming.  (you know a rant is coming)

COME ON PEOPLE!  Get your shit together!  How hard is it to RVSP?  I mean really, someone sends you an invitation and they include a nice little addressed stamped envelope.  All you need to do is fill out the form, mind you for the ADDRESSED people only, and send it back by x date.  By no way shape or form are weddings cheap.  Actually add wedding or bridal to anything and watch the price list immediately go up.

I am completely baffled by the complete lack of respect or courteousness I’ve heard many knotties complain about.  It honestly makes me angry for them because while they are trying to plan a wedding they are having to deal with rude inconsiderate people.

Thankfully M and I had a pretty good idea of the people attending our wedding so we didn’t bother with RSVPs.  We also chose to not include a wedding party since we both felt it was a lot to ask our friends to fly hundreds of miles for our wedding let alone make them feel as though they “must” be there because they were a bridesmaid/groomsmen.  Now I understand this works for us but not everyone and that’s fine.  Part of planning a wedding is figuring out what is and is not important.  I feel as though some of the things we’ve done have definitely made our wedding planning much easier on us.  And I like easy.  🙂

Point of today’s post, be courteous people be courteous.  This should hopefully help to keep bridezilla in her cave.


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We were at Target Apr 18

M and I didn’t really have much planned for the weekend.  We had planned to run some errands on Saturday and pick up a few more things we will need for the wedding and our trip.  First we headed to the mall but didn’t really find what we were looking for.  As we were getting ready to leave the lights in Macy’s flickered a few times.  When we got outside the sky was cloudy but it didn’t really look bad.  We then headed over to Old Navy.  The wind picked up, A LOT, but still no rain.

A few minutes later we decided to run to North Hills and hit REI.  By the time we parked in the underground garage at Target the rain was coming down.  We decided to run in Target grab a few things and wait for the rain to pass before heading up to REI.  We walked around for a little while grabbed the stuff we needed.  I finally told M we might want to check out before the power went out.

After check out I grabbed some popcorn and a drink and we walked back to the car.  By this point the sky was black and the rain was pouring down.  We put our bags in the car and walked back to Target.  About this time the power went out.  We ended up standing in front of Target (note this Target is in an underground parking garage) watching the rain eating popcorn.  Popcorn was a great idea considering we had no idea what was about to go on.

We stood with a large group of people from Target outside for probably a good half hour.  The store employees made everyone leave the store when they lost power.  M and I started to check the weather and FB on our phones.  This is when we realized a tornado had just hit downtown Raleigh.  Crazy huh!  Once the rain died down to a drizzle we headed back to the car to go home.

As we left North Hills all the street lights were out and there was debris everywhere.   We ended up over by the mall only to discover Glenwood had flooded in places so we took the back roads.  As we drove we noticed more and more insulation around.  We have no idea where it all came from.

When we got home we turned on the TV and learned just how bad the day had been.  There had been multiple tornadoes around the area leaving destruction in it’s path.  A Lowe’s hardware store had been hit and was wrecked.  Multiple houses and neighborhoods destroyed.  Thankfully our house and neighborhood were fine.  But there are still people without power and some without homes.

It’s weird because as M and I were driving home, clueless to the happenings of the day, we were talking about the last time either of us had taken a weather warning seriously enough to sit in a closet or bathroom.  I guess we will both pay a little more attention next time the weather guys forecast “severe” weather.

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Oh Friday, it’s about time! Apr 15

This week has dragged some major ass.  Each day has seemed as though the clock was close to stopping but finally it is Friday.  This week is only minutes from being over for me.  WOO HOO!

Today also seems as though it will bring some good news next week.  *crossing fingers*


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Wedding dreams Apr 14

For the past week or so every night I’ve ended up having some dream that is wedding related.  One night I was attending another knottie’s wedding.  A couple of nights ago there was a knottie get together and we were all there in our wedding dresses.  Last night, well last night I know there was something wedding related but for the lift of me I can’t remember.  That’s pretty uncommon since I normally always remember my dreams.

I feel like I have tons of dreams each night some more random then others.  Like the other night after the get together I was in an office but people were flying planes and Charlie Sheen was flying one.  I never really saw him but it was mentioned that he was flying and he was all over the place.  Not really such a shocker.  Or last night, the non wedding dream was about me going on a cruise but I had no ID.  Somehow I was let on the ship but I was trying to avoid staff so they wouldn’t see I didn’t have identification.  My dreams are super weird most of the time.  I just wish I could remember the wedding related dream from last night.  Oh well.


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1 month people, ONE MONTH! Apr 13

You all should have seen this coming.  Somehow I did not see this coming, at least until I got to work and went to update my countdown on the wall.  That’s right, 1 month!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!   In exactly 1 month M and I will be married.  YAY!

So I emailed our wedding coordinator on Monday, yes Monday, to see if I could get a copy of wedding ceremony.  But apparently this is like asking for some random act of Congress because “Sandals has this down to a science” and “it’s a month out and girls start to get all bridezillay.”  GRRRRRRRRRR!  Yes both of these were said to me during one conversations TODAY.  As I sat there holding my “bridezilla” tongue I wanted to scream at someone and ask how damn hard it is to get a ceremony copy.  I mean come on, I CANNOT be the first person in the history of “down to a science” to ask for this.  To make matters worse right after I have this conversation I see on my wedding board that another bride received her, wait for it………..CEREMONY copy today!!!!!!

I seriously don’t see why this is such a hard thing to get a copy of.  Or answers about it to be honest.

And I guess this soon-to-be bridezilla will continue to wait a few more days and then you will be able to remove the “soon to be” because heads are going to ROLL!  Roll I tell you!!!!


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The sucky blog Apr 12

With 1 month and 1 day left I have no idea what to blog about today.  I might could write about the wedding coordinator who has yet to respond to my email from yesterday.  Or the fact that she has yet to respond to the follow up email I sent today.  Hmmm, annoying much?  Yes.  I am slightly annoyed she has not responded.  Granted it’s nothing pressing but still it’d be nice to get a few answers to my questions.

The days feel like they are starting to fly by yet I just can’t imagine the day it will all be here.  I don’t think it has hit me yet.  I’m sure it will soon. 🙂


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The DIY continues Apr 11

Over the weekend I knocked a few more thing off my DIY list.  One being a cute “E” key chain.  I bought some supplies last week and last night I finally sat down to make it.  It only took about 30 mins and BAM!  New key chain, that I use in 32 days.  Or longer since I won’t be able to use it till we get back.  But anyhoo I think it’s quite cute.

I also finished our guest book last night.  I think this will be a very cute idea and should be more personal then the traditional “K and M were here, congrats!” post.  We will ask our guests to provide well wishes or advice and then we will add pics from the trip later.  No pics for this one 😉


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