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Ghosts of birthday cakes past and a birthday wish Sep 22

First and foremost, Happy Birthday M!  I love you!  Secondly I really hope your cake this year tastes as good as it looks.

Yesterday I said I would talk about the ghosts of birthday cakes past.  Today I will post the pics.  The good, the bad and yes the UGLY!  Let me also say that I LOVE to bake.  I really do.  I’m not sure where this love came from but if there is baking to be done, I’m in.

M’s 30th birthday.  I was really excited that I was going to make him a cake, we’d only been dating a few months and I was excited to show off my skill.  Of course I told him, “I’m a GREAT baker.”  However his birthday happened to fall right in the middle of my move.  My mom had already moved my kitchen stuff to the townhouse but I was still in my apartment.  When I discovered my baking tins were at the townhouse I decided to just run to the store instead of across town.  I found some silicone forms for about $3.00 each and I was sold.  I went home and started baking.  Everything was going pretty well until I tried to remove the cakes from the forms.  They basically fell apart.  I tried to save them but well, as you can see……disaster.  Oh and the frosting pretty much went south too.

This will forever be referred to as the grand canyon cake.  In my defense, the thing was pretty tasty.

M’s 31st birthday.  I decided to get creative, I mean come on anything has to be better then the grand canyon right?  I talked to a friend from HS who started baking to get a fondant recipe.  Since M loves red velvet I decided to cover it in fondant.  Little did I realize red velvet is a pretty soft cake.  Hence the 31st cake.

Not a horrible first attempt at fondant and it wasn’t actually that bad.  But as you can see the cake didn’t support the weight very well.

All of this brings us to M’s 32nd birthday.  I told him that I wasn’t doing ANYTHING fancy this year.  Just a cake.  So he said he would like carrot cake.  I’ve never made carrot cake.  Nor have I made carrot cake from a box.  I baked the cake last night, let them cool and then iced them.  The cake looks pretty nice.  Now if only it tastes good too.  I guess we will find out tonight.  *Crosses fingers*   Wish me luck.

As you can see my cake making skills vary, a lot.  I’ve actually made him several cakes over the years.  All of which put the grand canyon cake to shame.  I still blame the crappy silicone forms but hey, what’s done is done.

Here’s to a great birthday and a wonderful cake!


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